Our Expandable Tray

The Expandable Tray (patent pending) is suitable for manual or power chairs, and can also be used on standing positioners.

It fits through doorways and aisles, yet expands easily to create a large working surface.

Benefits of the Expandable Tray:
  • Provides larger working /activity
  • Provides larger surface for support
    of elbows/forearms, enabling better
    trunk support/control
  • Collapses to pass through doorways
    and aisles
  • Use on manual / power chair and
    standing positioners
  • Offered in 2 styles and 3 sizes
  • Adjustable for varied widths of
    chair / positioner armrests
  • Universal clamps
  • Smooth, durable wood surface.

Video of the Expandable Tray in use.

If you are unable to click on the video above to play, please visit this link to view:

Therapists, teachers, parents, students and
individuals of all ages LOVE the Expandable Tray!

“I like the smooth surface and expandable size. Amazing adaptions could be added for special tasks... power board, velcro board, track on board.”
Tania Gordon, OTR/L

“I have found the extensions on the tray greatly inprove the efficiency of the tray, allowing more room for work as well as tools and materials. The fact that the extensions drop down for easier mobilty make it very useful and beneficial to all involved.”
John Graves, Art Teacher

“I love the Expandable Tray! It allows for adequate surface area for a variety of different activities. It’s perfect for computer work, games, worksheets and many more activities. Additionally, it allows for better spacing of materials.”
Amy Schmidt, MS-CCC-SLP-L

“This tray is extremely easy to use and gives a larger work area. When the extensions are down it is easy to maneuver through crowded halls and classroom.”
Deanna Cox, Parent / Special Education Teacher

“I love the tray’s design, durable smooth surface and extra space. My son has room for his computer, book and project he is working on. I like how easy it extends and drops down. Thank you for making life a little easier.”
Shirley Kingery, Parent

“The Expandable Tray is the best tray my son has ever had. He spends his entire work day in his wheelchair, using a tray for everything, the Expandable Tray is really great. As a parent of an adult child with a disability, I know what a big difference can be made in my son’s life by seemingly small changes. This new tray is making a real difference for my son. Thank you to the kind people at Designs by Inspiration, Inc. You are truly meeting my son’s special needs.”
Ann Robin, M.D., parent